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Leather care

It is a well-known fact, that leather is made of bovine skins (cow skins). Therefore, it shall be appropriately handled and maintained in order to ensure its durability and longevity.

Similar to human skin, leather has a tendency to dry out and crack if it is exposed to too high temperature. Therefore, one shall: avoid placing leather furniture close to radiators or fire sources (fireplace); avoid direct sunlight, which may affect the colour of the furniture; not use detergents and inappropriate care products (especially alcohol-based ones), stain removers (bleach) – can permanently damage leather.

Furniture leather shall be regularly cleaned first with a dry soft cloth (use lukewarm water), and then with a dry one not to let the leather soaked through (stains mustn’t be soaked !).

producent skór dla meblarstwa


  1. To avoid excessive wear of the grain, simply wipe the surface gently with a damp cloth (Do not rub!). Soap flakes can also be used for cleaning.
  2. Use lukewarm water only as high temperature may result in permanent damage to the grain
  3. Do not soak! – water may discolour the leather.
  4. Remember that grease, oil and sweat may dissolve a dye and lead to discolouration.
  5. Do not use detergents / chemicals / that contain alcohol, ammonia, grease.
  6. Due to the fact, that there is a wide range of maintenance and cleaning agents with a varying chemical composition available on the market, our company shall not bear responsibility for their application. Maintenance and cleaning agents offered to customers by furniture producers shall be consulted with a particular leather producer.